a book on innovation

four disciplines of innovation tailored into its storyline.

Kumar, a bright software engineer is at the center of a crisis facing the startup company that he works for. Their product is unable to sustain customers’ interest beyond initial trial. Their investors are threatening to pull the plug. Amidst all this, Kumar is facing a turmoil of his own. For the first time, he feels ill-equipped for the challenge facing him. His manager has asked him to step up and think innovatively. Nothing in his engineering training has showed him how to innovate. A chance meeting with a veteran mentor, Judith helps him turn things around. She guides him through a journey of innovation that could potentially save his company.

The Innovation Imperative, a book on innovation, is written in the form of a Business fable with the four disciplines of innovation tailored into its storyline. The information age is rapidly morphing into the innovation age. Businesses that do not develop a culture of innovation will get disrupted. Professionals thus are increasingly being challenged to become more innovative. This book introduces a structured approach to innovation. If you can master the four disciplines of innovation described in this book, you will be much valued by companies that are serious about innovating. Whether you are student wanting to change the world or an engineer looking to bring innovative products to market, this book will show you the way. If you are a senior leader looking for a simple teaching tool for your team, this book will help you do just that.

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Chapter 1 - Luck by Design

Chapter 2 - Big Leap!

Chapter 3 - The Overnight Innovator

Chapter 4 - Knowing What You Don’t Know

Chapter 5 - Facing Facts

Chapter 6 - Failing Fast

Chapter 7 - Kintsukuroi

Chapter 8 - Vortex

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